Questions and FAQs


1. What time does the stones tour leave? What is the cost?

The Tour through the Sassi of Matera leaves at hrs:

  • 10:30
  • 12:00
  • 16:00.

The cost is €15.00 per person.

2.Do children pay?

Children do not pay up to 14 years of age.

3.Can we bring dogs?

Absolutely YES.

4.Do you accept the HOLIDAY BONUS?

Absolutely YES.

5.What times do the shuttles from Bari Airport have?

Private shuttle can be booked at any time. For the public shuttle you need to consult the website of the relevant airport.

6.Where can we eat typical Matera dishes?

There are several restaurants and taverns in the Sassi that have an agreement with us so that you can enjoy the best dishes of Matera’s cuisine.

7.Where can we buy Matera Bread?

In all bakeries located in the center of Matera.

8.How can we reach Alberobello?

To reach Alberobello and visit the famous Trulli, a private shuttle is recommended as public transportation takes a long time.

9.What time slot do you tour Alberobello?

We tour Alberobello both in the morning and in the afternoon

10.Are the GT buses for groups owned by you or do you rely on third parties?

We rely on third-party partners with whom we have long cooperated for GT group buses.

11.What experiences do you offer besides classic guided tours?

We offer a variety of experiences, such as trekking to Gravina in Puglia, visiting an olive oil mill with tasting, a bread workshop in Matera, and a tour of the Murgia on horseback. In Apulia and the rest of Basilicata we have many other interesting experiences.

12.Is it possible to include an aperitif during the Sassi tour?

Of course! However, by charging an additional fee.

13.How many seats does the Calessino have?

The Calessino is equipped with 3/4 seats.

14.In what languages are tours conducted?

Tours are given ON REQUEST in English, French, German and Spanish.

15.Is there a discount for group leaders?

The group leader has free admission on the entrances of the chosen sites.