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Tour in the Archaeological Zone of Metapontum

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Metaponto is one of the oldest and most important centers in Basilicata. In fact, this village was one of the first cities built by the ancient Greeks when they began colonizing southern Italy around the 7th century BC. Situated on the Ionian coast between the Bradano and Basento rivers, Metaponto (which in Greek means precisely “between two rivers”) was for centuries a symbol of Hellenic culture, and signs of the grandeur of its past are still alive today. Several archaeological sites are located within the territory, among which the Archaeological Park of Apollonius Lycius and the so-called Palatine Tables certainly stand out. The National Archaeological Museum of Metaponto is a must-see if you want to learn more about the history of this ancient city.


National Archaeological Museum of Metaponto;

Apollonius Lycius Archaeological Park;

Palatine Tables.

In detail:

  • The tour begins with a visit to the National Archaeological Museum of Metaponto, where visitors can learn about the history of the area from the initial forms of peopling by the Oenotrians during the Bronze and Iron Ages, to the conquest of the Greeks first and then the Romans, until the gradual abandonment of the city;
  • The visit continues in the Archaeological Park of Apollonius Lycius. The Park includes the urban sanctuary, part of the agora and the great north-south road axis (plateia) on which the entire urban layout is set. Very interesting craft district for the production of ceramics (kerameikos). Unfortunately the structures are not preserved in a conspicuous way, because of the continuous looting suffered by the Greek city. An experienced guide will accompany you all along the way, helping you discover the many hidden secrets of this lost city;
  • We pass to the visit of the Palatine Tables, located a few kilometers from the main complex. The Doric temple was built by the Achaeans in 630 B.C. and was part of an extraurban sacred area connected to the worship of the goddess Hera. Of the sacred building remain the remains of 15 columns. The temple was also called the “School of Pythagoras,” in memory of the great philosopher Pythagoras who is thought to have taught there


♦ Local Tourist Guide;

♦ Admission and guided tour of the Archaeological Museum;

♦ Guided tour of the Archaeological Park of Apollo Lycius, Palatine Tables;

♦ Tour lasting about 3h.

The fee does NOT include:

♦ Transfer A/R Matera-Metaponto;

♦ Meals and beverages;

♦ Possible tips;

♦ Anything not mentioned in “The fee includes.”


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