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From the beautiful cities of northern Italy to those of southern Italy from the magical lights of the Sassi of Matera to the monumental areas of Puglia , we will help you choose and discover the best solutions to create the tailor-made trips of your dreams. As both a tour operator and a travel agency, we offer optimal solutions for vacations in Italy and around the world helping you experience the world’s most unique destinations as you like.

Helicopter tours and sightseeing flights in Puglia and Basilicata

Fly over Apulia and Basilicata by Helicopter: a dream scenery! The Sassi of Matera , the coast of Salento .

Boating vacations

Sloop, catamaran, yacht or gulet are the perfect means for you who love the sea and want to breathe it all around: you just choose the destination and according to your way of being we will recommend the suitable vacation.

Balloon Tour Guides

Hot air balloon ride can only arouse positive emotions, it is unusual, unforgettable and… The hot air balloon flight will remain in your memories for a lifetime!

Congressional Events

Organization of conference events of various types, in selected locations . From planning to marketing strategy and promotion of the event, management of the scientific program, fulfillment of logistical and organizational activities to administrative management .

Wedding Planner, Honeymoon

Organizing a wedding is like writing the blank pages of a book; the first meeting with the bride and groom, their dreams, fears and needs, everything becomes a mission for us to accomplish, a dream to bring to life …enchanting and spectacular and luxurious .

Transfer Service to / from Basilicata and Puglia

to and from airports, railway stations, maritime stations, hotels, resorts, fairs, weddings, conventions and events. We await your arrival at the meeting point and accompany you to your destination.
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A Tailor-Made Vacation

Choose where to have your travel experience and find your ideal stay

Sunrise trekking on the Murgia


Tour of Vulture: Venosa


Wine Experience in Venosa: Re Manfredi


Tour in Kayak for families – Maratea


Experience diving in the sea of Basilicata – Maratea


Experience fishing in Basilicata – Maratea


The Captains Tour – Maratea


Tour of the Nostromo – Maratea


Snorkeling Tour – Maratea

Choose where to have your travel experience

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