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Our Story: A Journey into the Heart of Matera and Beyond
Established in December 2010, Martulli Travel Agency has established itself as a point of reference for those wishing to explore Matera and its wonders. With a focus on customer care, we are dedicated to creating travel experiences that remain etched in the heart and memory. From the historic streets of the Sassi of Matera to the breathtaking landscapes of the Murgia, each tour is a chapter in a fascinating tale.

Our Mission: Tailored Journeys that speak to the heart
We specialize in customized packages, each as unique as the people we serve. Our mission is to go beyond the usual tourist itinerary, offering experiences that reflect the excellence and exclusivity of our lands. We collaborate with the best operators in the industry to ensure quality in every aspect of travel, from the selection of accommodations to food and wine tours, where every taste reveals a story.

Our Experiences: A Sensory Journey between Basilicata and Puglia
Our expert guides will take you through a sensory journey, from the magic of Alberobello’s Trulli to the ancient streets of Lecce and Bari. Discover nature trails by bicycle or horseback, be tempted by the authentic flavors of the area, and be surprised by a scenic ride in an “Ape Calessino.” We also offer luxury services, for those seeking an exclusive, first-class travel experience.

Your journey begins here: An invitation to discover
We invite you to discover Matera, our city proudly designated European Capital of Culture 2019. We will be glad to host you and share with you the uniqueness and history of this land. Our staff is ready to organize for you not just a trip, but an unforgettable experience that will speak to your soul, move you and leave you with memories that will last forever.



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