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Car rental with driver

We can provide for chauffeur-driven rental all types of cars in standard, business and luxury categories. All of our cars have regular ncc (rental with driver) licenses as regulated by Italian law and individual municipal ordinances. The mercedes e-class is ideal for business users to transport your guests with all the comforts. It is the benchmark car in the industry. In contrast, the mercedes s-class is distinguished by luxury fittings and is suitable for VIP and ceremonial transportation.

Some examples of available models:
Business car: mercedes e class, bmw 5 series, lancia thema, chrysler / standard car: audi a4
Luxury cars: mercedes s class, audi a8, maserati quattroporte.
Additional services upon request: wifi, leather upholstery, lcd screen, platform for transporting disabled persons (8 pax minibus only)

We also provide luxury car rental with driver.



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