Travel informed

Domestic Animals
Traveling with your four-legged friends can be a joy, but it is important to know the relevant policies. Martulli Travel provides clear guidelines on how, where and when you can bring your pets while traveling.

Customer Care
Our priority is your comfort and safety. Martulli Viaggi’s service team is always available to support you, offering high quality customer service to solve your every need while traveling.

Water potability
In some seaside resorts, especially on islands, tap water may not be potable, but only usable for personal hygiene. It is important to consider this when staying in these areas.

Special Offers
Take advantage of our special offers to make your trip even more exciting. Martulli Viaggi offers a variety of promotional packages, perfect for every type of traveler.

Posidonia oceanica, found on many Italian coasts, can accumulate on beaches due to adverse weather conditions, such as storm surges. This phenomenon is a sign of ecological balance and protected by the authorities. Therefore, algae removal can only be carried out by authorized personnel. In addition, changes to shorelines may occur due to weather conditions or coastal interventions, but they are generally temporary and part of natural processes.

Tourist/hotel facilities
Many hotels and resorts consist of several buildings or units. Accordingly, guest accommodation can be in any of the facilities available within the complex, depending on availability and reservations.

Rooms and accommodations
Double rooms usually have two single beds, with the option of requesting a double bed. The category varies from standard to higher depending on the hotel. Singles are smaller and limited in number, often at extra cost and in less advantageous locations. Triple or quadruple rooms are often doubles with extra beds.

Bus Rental, NCC, Transfer
Travel in comfort and style. Our bus rental, NCC and transfer service is designed to offer you smooth and stress-free transfers.

Tourist Tax
In the context of our tours and packages, some municipalities included in the trip may charge a tourist tax. This additional charge will be borne by the client, unless it is specified in the “What Includes” section of the package or tour that this fee is included. We encourage our guests to carefully review the details of each offer for a full understanding of what is included in their trip.

Equipment and services
It is possible that some equipment and services offered in our tour packages may be subject to temporary changes in operation due to unforeseen weather conditions or depending on the number of guests in attendance. Also, be advised that access to certain sports courses may be restricted to adults only.



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