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Tour of Alberobello: An unforgettable experience discovering the trulli. If you are curious to explore the magic of Alberobello and its characteristic trulli, then you are in the right place! This article will take you through an exciting walking tour among the trulli, show you the options for group tours, and guide you through the guided visit of these fascinating architectural treasures. Get ready to immerse yourself in the history and culture of Alberobello, because this experience will be unforgettable!

A tour of Alberobello is an unforgettable experience that takes visitors on a discovery of the trulli, a unique architectural treasure in the world. This charming town in the heart of Puglia is famous for its cone-shaped houses, called trulli, which date back to the 18th century. During the tour, participants will have the opportunity to explore the picturesque streets and admire up close these architectural wonders. Each trullo tells a story and has its own charm, making this journey even more exciting. Visitors will be fascinated by the craftsmanship of the builders who created these trulli without the use of mortar. A tour of Alberobello is an adventure that will leave an indelible mark in the memory of anyone who takes it.

If you are looking for an authentic and engaging experience, you cannot miss the walking tour among the trulli of Alberobello. This charming town in the heart of Puglia is famous for its trulli, ancient conical dwellings made entirely of stone. During this tour, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the history and culture of these incredible buildings, walking through the cobblestone streets and admiring up close the majesty of the trulli. It will be an exciting experience that will make you feel an integral part of this fascinating architectural heritage. Don't forget your camera, because every corner of Alberobello deserves to be captured forever.

Join a guided group tour and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of the trulli of Alberobello. This collective tour will allow you to discover the unique history and culture of this fascinating Puglian city. Through the expert guidance of a local guide, you will be transported back in time, exploring the labyrinths of cobblestone streets and admiring up close these extraordinary centuries-old stone buildings. Each trullo tells a story, and during the tour, you will learn to decipher the secrets hidden in their peculiar architectures. This collective experience is a perfect way to share emotions and discoveries with other enthusiasts, while immersing yourself in the magic of the trulli of Alberobello.

The magic of Alberobello and its trulli is an experience that leaves an indelible mark on the hearts of those who visit this fascinating place. Walking tours, guided group tours, and individual exploration offer unique opportunities for discovery and immersion in the history and culture of this wonderful Puglian town. But there is still much to explore and learn about Alberobello, inviting us to return and continue our journey of knowledge.


  • In case of rain: Bring an umbrella or a K-Way (raincoat).Comfortable shoes.
  • Clothing: Comfortable and suitable for the season and weather conditions.
  • Drinks: It is advisable to

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Italian, English


  • Alberobello Tour: Unforgettable Trulli Discovery
  • On Foot Among the Trulli: An Exciting Tour in the Heart of Alberobello
  • Guided Tours for Groups: A Collective Journey into the History and Culture of Alberobello's Trulli


  • In case of rain:  Bring an umbrella or a raincoat
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Clothing:  comfortable and suitable for the season and weather conditions
  • Drinks: It is advisable to bring a reusable water bottle to refresh and regenerate during the tour, especially if the tour involves long walks or prolonged exposure to the sun.

Not included

  • Specialized Tour Guide:  The presence of a specialized tour guide who will accompany the group throughout the entire tour, providing detailed information about the history, architecture, and culture of Alberobello and its trulli.
  • Guided Visits to the Trulli:  The inclusion of guided visits to the Trulli, with explanations about their construction, history, and traditions associated with these unique dwellings.
  • Neighborhood Tours:  A tour through the various neighborhoods of Alberobello, such as the Rione Monti or the Rione Aia Piccola, to allow participants to fully immerse themselves in the atmosphere and daily life of this fascinating trulli city.
  • Transfer non inclusi

Meeting point

Alberobello – Piazza Sacramento, Alberobello, BA, Italia o Terra Mossa Alberobello, BA, Italia

Directions on departure

The meeting point will be communicated the day before the tour with all the details. The two meeting points are: Piazza Sacramento: located in the historic center of Alberobello, this square is easily recognizable and well-served by public transportation. Here, you can find a vibrant atmosphere and numerous landmarks. Terra Mossa (Restaurant): a renowned restaurant in the area, known for its local cuisine and welcoming atmosphere. It is easily accessible and offers a convenient option to meet before starting the tour. The nearest stop is FSE Station of Alberobello Piazzale Fratelli Kennedy, 70011 Alberobello BA. Park Alberobello Via Tenente Oronzo Gigante, 70011 Alberobello BA Parking IISS Francesco Gigante Via Tenente Oronzo Gigante, 70011 Alberobello BA.
Departure times


Departure from Piazza Sacramento, Casa Museo Trullo Sovrano:

Begin your journey by exploring the monumental Trullo Sovrano, a living testimony of ancient local architecture and an ideal starting point to understand the history of trulli and the city itself.

Basilica Sanctuary of Saints Cosmas and Damian:

Continue your visit with a stop at the Basilica of Saints Cosmas and Damian, a sacred place steeped in spirituality and millennia-old history, where you can admire majestic architectures and discover the legends associated with this sanctuary.

Neoclassical Quarter:

Immerse yourself in the charm of the neoclassical quarter, an area characterized by cobblestone streets, hidden courtyards, and elegant palaces, offering an authentic glimpse into the daily life of the inhabitants of Alberobello.

Casa D’Amore:

Make a stop at Casa D’Amore, an ancient trullo from the XVIII century that encapsulates the history and passion of generations of Alberobello inhabitants, with its white walls and cone-shaped roof evoking a romantic and suggestive atmosphere.

Belvedere S. Lucia:

Enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view from the terrace of S. Lucia, offering a spectacular glimpse of the city and its characteristic stone domes, allowing you to fully appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of Alberobello.

Rione Aia Piccola:

Explore the picturesque Rione Aia Piccola, a charming labyrinth of alleys and courtyards where trulli overlook each other, creating a unique and suggestive atmosphere, and where you can admire local craftsmanship and taste the culinary delights of Puglia.

Rione Monti:

Conclude your tour in the famous Rione Monti, the largest trullo area in Alberobello, where you can explore numerous souvenir shops and local craft shops in search of the perfect gift to take home, and where you can admire the majestic Trullo Church of S. Antonio, an icon of Alberobello that embodies the spirit and soul of this fascinating city.

Useful information

• Cancellation or postponement due to adverse weather conditions:
- In the event of adverse weather conditions, such as heavy rain or storms, we reserve the right to cancel or postpone the excursion to ensure the safety and comfort of all participants.
Safety is our top priority.

• Cancellation Policy:
- Cancellation requests should be sent by email to
- A full refund is only possible if the cancellation request is received at least 3 days before the scheduled departure date of the tour. Otherwise, the full cost of the tour will be charged.

• Cancellation within 3 days of departure:
- If the cancellation is made within 3 days of the tour departure date, 100% of the tour fee will be charged as cancellation fee. This policy is applied to guarantee the reservation of services and to cover any costs already incurred.

The meeting location, along with all necessary details, will be communicated in a comprehensive and detailed manner by the day before the tour.

For further information or additional questions, feel free to contact the phone number provided below. Our team will be happy to provide you with all the information you need to ensure a memorable experience during the Alberobello tour.

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We will be available to assist you with any requests or clarifications needed, ensuring that your tour is organized impeccably and without any issues.

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