Marina di Pisticci: Magna Graecia Tour with Parafly

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70.00 per person
Marina di Pisticci

2.50 hours





Adventure on the High Seas


Parafly Italia, a leader in the industry for 24 years, offers an exhilarating experience suitable for all ages, to experience the thrill of flying with breathtaking views at high altitude. Discover a new way to combine a passion for the sea, a spirit of adventure, and a desire for freedom, with the opportunity to capture photos and videos of the flight phases.


Departure from Porto degli Argonauti


The tour will begin at the scheduled time from Porto degli Argonauti, Pontile P1 located in Marina di Pisticci - Matera, one of the most beautiful port facilities in the southern region.


Exploration of Ancient Routes


Once embarked, we will immerse ourselves in the suggestive routes of the ancient Greeks. The guide will bring to life the highlights of the landings that gave rise to the great Metaponto.


Swimming Break and Relaxation


After anchoring, we will have a relaxing swimming break in crystal-clear waters. You can enjoy fresh fruit and soft drinks served on the party boat, while you may encounter native dolphins and caretta caretta turtles.


Preparation and Parafly Flight


You will be informed and prepared by the onboard staff for the parachute flight. In turns, up to a maximum of 6 people at a time, you will be welcomed onto the parafly boat for the flight. You can fly solo, as a couple, or up to a maximum of 3 people, up to a total of 160 kg, with a flight lasting approximately 7/8 minutes.


Flight Experience and Freedom


The mechanical recovery system will allow you to take off and return gradually onto the boat, making the experience accessible even to those who are not familiar with the sea. No specific skills are required to participate.


  • Swimsuit
  • Water
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat

Available languages

Italian, English


  • Ancient Routes and Swim: Explore the Greek routes and dive into the blue waters of Marina di Pisticci
  • Encounter with Nature: Spot dolphins and caretta caretta turtles while enjoying fresh fruit and drinks
  • Parafly Adventure: Fly over the sea with no special skills required, take photos, and toast with prosecco


  • Tour Magna Grecia with parafly: Experience exciting emotions on the boat and fly over the sea
  • Swimming: Take the opportunity for a refreshing swim in the crystal-clear waters of Marina di Pisticci during the tour
  • Relax amidst the waves: Enjoy a relaxing break with fruit and prosecco
  • Printed souvenir photo: Receive an instant photo of your experience at the end of the tour
  • Digital photos and videos: Download digital photos and videos via download link
  • Insurance: We guarantee flight safety
  • Safety equipment: Complete preparation for the adventure
  • Crew: Trust our professionals, ready to take flight

Not included

  • Meals and Drinks: Meals and drinks other than those specified in the "Included" section are not included in the tour price
  • Tips: Please note that tips are not included in the service price
  • Anything not mentioned in "Included"
  • Transfer non inclusi

Meeting point

Marina di Pisticci – Porto Degli Argonauti, Marina di Pisticci, MT, Italia

Directions on departure

Meeting and Return Point: Tour For Magna Graecia with Parafly - Porto degli Argonauti, Pontile P1; Meeting Point: Parafly Experience - Porto degli Argonauti, Pontile P27. If you choose the Parafly Experience Only option, you will return to the Spiaggia Hotel degli Argonauti, Corridoio di lancio - crossing the pine forest, it's approximately 400 m away from the port parking. The nearest stop is . .
Departure times



Meet your skipper and set out from Pier P1. of the Porto degli Argonauti.

Boat Tour

Explore the ancient Greek routes aboard our boat in the company of our experienced crew.

Swimming and Refreshment Stop

Enjoy a platter of fresh fruit and prosecco while swimming in the crystal-clear waters of the open sea.

Preparation and Parafly Flight

Move to the parafly boat for the flight experience and enjoy a unique and thrilling adventure.

Useful information

Cancellation Policy: Possible cancellation without penalties up to 24 hours before the tour departure. A penalty of 100% applies for cancellations in less time.
Cancellation Policy in Case of Bad Weather: In the event of adverse weather conditions that make the tour dangerous or impossible, we reserve the right to cancel the excursion. In such circumstances, we will fully refund the ticket cost.
Time and Emergency Contact: In case of tour postponement to the following day, the meeting time will be specified, and an emergency contact number will be provided for additional assistance during the period of bad weather or rescheduling of the tour booking.

  • The minimum weight required for the flight is 60 kg; those who weigh less must be accompanied by another person
  • The parachute can support a maximum total weight of 160 kg
  • Attention: Parafly service is not available on Tuesdays and Thursdays. On those days, you can only book the Magna Grecia Tour (without Parafly).
  • If you choose the Experience Only Parafly option, return is expected at Spiaggia Hotel degli argonauti, Corridoio di lancio: through the pine forest, it's approximately 400 m away from the harbor parking lot.
  • In case of delay (after 9:30), the meeting point is at Spiaggia Hotel degli argonauti, Corridoio di lancio: through the pine forest, it's approximately 400 m away from the harbor parking lot.
  • Timing and Departure Point: To arrange the timing of your experience, please contact +39 0835334543 / +39 3783012970. Ensure you arrive at the meeting point at least 30 minutes before your selected departure time.

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