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The fascinating locations of Matera in the James Bond film, The timeless charm of Matera in the 007 cinema, Exploring Matera like a real secret agent. If you are a fan of the James Bond saga and a lover of cinematic beauties, you cannot miss the breathtaking sets of the film "No Time to Die" set in the picturesque city of Matera, Italy. This article will take you to discover the fascinating locations used in the film and immerse you in the timeless charm that Matera has exerted on the big screen.

The fascinating locations of Matera in the James Bond film are a real feast for the eyes. The ancient city, with its stones and winding streets, offers a perfect setting for the adventures of the world's most famous secret agent. The scenes filmed in Matera in several James Bond films are breathtaking, showcasing the timeless beauty of this Italian destination. Historic buildings, churches and picturesque squares are transformed into thrilling film sets, as Bond whizzes through the streets on a high-speed motorbike or launches himself from building to building in breathtaking stunts. Matera enchants the audience and proves once again why it has become one of the favorite locations of international cinema.

The timeless charm of Matera in 007 cinema is indisputable. The Italian city has been the backdrop for iconic scenes from the James Bond films, leaving an indelible mark on the collective imagination. The narrow, winding streets, white houses nestled in the rock, and breathtaking views provided a perfect setting for the adventures of the world's most famous secret agent. Matera has been able to capture the essence of the mystery and elegance that distinguishes the character of Bond, offering the audience a fascinating and timeless vision. The unique atmosphere of Matera has made these films even more memorable and has established the city as one of the most beloved locations of international cinema.

Exploring Matera like a real secret agent will make you feel like you're at the center of a real James Bond mission. The city's winding streets and hidden alleys provide the perfect atmosphere to immerse yourself in the world of cinema's most famous secret agent. You can walk between the same locations that have been the backdrop for iconic scenes from James Bond films filmed in Matera, such as "No Time to Die." Follow in the footsteps of Agent 007 as you delve into the evocative Sassi of Matera, explore ancient churches and mysterious caves. You'll feel the adrenaline build as you immerse yourself in the history and timeless charm of this charming Italian city.


  • Umbrella or K-Way in case of rain
  • Comfortable shoes and clothing suitable for the season and weather
  • A reusable water bottle

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  • Exploring Matera like a real secret agent will make you feel like you're at the center of a real James Bond mission.
  • The timeless charm of Matera in 007 cinema is indisputable.
  • The fascinating locations of Matera in the James Bond film are a real feast for the eyes.


  • Tour to the filming locations:  A guided tour to the filming locations used in the James Bond films shot in Matera. This could include the famous Piazza Vittorio Veneto, the Sassi di Matera and other iconic places that were part of the movie scenes.
  • Expert guides:  Discover Matera with the local expert guide as you explore the iconic locations of James Bond films. An unforgettable experience with the expert support of those who know every corner of the city!
  • Photographs:  Possibility to take photographs during the tour to capture the special moments and iconic places visited during the visit.

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Meeting point

Matera – Via Alessandro Volta, Matera, MT, Italia

Directions on departure

The meeting point for the tour of James Bond is located in Via Alessandro Volta 3/5, in the central area of the city. It is advisable to reach it on foot, as the road is not accessible to private transport. The nearest stop is Matera Central Station Piazza Matteotti, 10 min walk. Paid parking - Sant'Isidoro - Daily price (from 8:00 to 23:00) - 0,70€ / 30 min - Via Lanera, 16, 75100 Matera MT. - Paid parking - H24 (1,00€/hour) - In Via Pasquale Vena, 3, 75100 Matera MT.
Departure times


Departure and Introduction:

The tour begins at our agency, where you will be introduced to the various film sets used in the movie "No Time to Die." You'll get a preview of the exciting adventures that await you.

Piazza Vittorio Veneto:

We'll start our exploration from Piazza Vittorio Veneto, where you'll receive a brief introduction to the city, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Gunfight in Matera Center:

We'll visit the locations of the spectacular gunfights and chases in the center of Matera, which have made the city an icon on the screen.

Stroll along Via delle Beccherie:

We'll continue along Via delle Beccherie, connecting Via Duomo to the splendid 13th-century Romanesque Cathedral. Here, we'll discover the details of one of the exceptional scenes filmed in the Sassi during the movie.

Piazza Duomo:

We'll reach Piazza Duomo, the stage for some of the film's most spectacular scenes, including the acrobatic motorcycle jump.

Via Muro:

We'll cross the medieval Civita and walk along Via Muro, reliving the romantic scenes between Daniel Craig and Léa Seydoux, right in front of Palazzo Del Duca.

Piazza San Pietro Caveoso:

It was one of the crucial locations where a James Bond chase took place during the filming of "No Time to Die" in Matera. This picturesque square, located in the heart of Matera's historic center, provided the perfect backdrop for one of the film's most spectacular scenes.

Piazza Pascoli:

We'll conclude our tour at Piazza Pascoli, where you can relive the atmosphere of the Hotel Balcony build, the special agent's hotel room, and reminisce about the emotions experienced during the adventure.

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- In the event of adverse weather conditions, such as heavy rain or storms, we reserve the right to cancel or postpone the excursion to ensure the safety and comfort of all participants.
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• Cancellation Policy:
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• Cancellation within 3 days of departure:
- If the cancellation is made within 3 days of the tour departure date, 100% of the tour fee will be charged as cancellation fee. This policy is applied to guarantee the reservation of services and to cover any costs already incurred.

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*The itinerary indicated in the programme may be subject to change for operational reasons or unforeseen circumstances (especially weather conditions). However, the number and quality of visits and excursions will be maintained. Any changes will not entitle you to refunds.

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